About Baldhead Empress

Hi, My name is Cheryl McCourtie, and I am the Baldhead Empress.  The backstory:  I was taking a morning walk in the hills of Kingston, Jamaica, with my cousin Hilary, when we encountered a Rastafarian. “Baldhead Empress,” he declared. The name Baldhead Empress has lots of significance for me.  It embraces my beauty–a beauty that is neither appreciated nor viewed as mainstream in this culture. It also signifies a turning point in my life.  This year, 2012,  I throw off the shackles of negativity, and embrace affirmation.  I will celebrate individuals around the globe who are doing their best to leave the world a better place than they found it. I will start first with my circle of family and friends, and hope that you will write to me and nominate people, and in effect join the Baldhead Empress Affirming Community.  And I will fill you in as I enjoy interesting experiences in my home state of New York, and things I love.  So remember, words do count.  Think before you speak. Do something nice for someone else.  And as a famous Jamaican once sang, “One Love.”

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