Russia from My Window Redux

The sight of Khizr and Ghazala Khan on the stage at the Democratic convention last week will be forever seared in my mind. When Mr. Khan whipped from his breast pocket a dog-eared copy of the Constitution, questioned whether the Republican nominee for president mr. and mrs. khan  of the United States had read the document and offered to lend the politician his, it became an image for all time.The couple appeared as the picture of their dead hero son, Captain Humayun Khan, whose caramel Ken Barbie good looks are straight from central casting, loomed behind them.  Humayun Khan II

No surprises here that the Republican nominee for president could not resist the urge  to slam this Gold Star family, whining that he had been viciously attacked by Mr. Khan (an assertion that his surrogate–second eldest son– reinforced as recently as Tuesday), insinuating that Mrs. Khan was too oppressed to voice her own opinions and comparing his yet-to-be documented job creation numbers as a sacrifice equal to dying for one’s country.

The Republican nominee dug himself in even farther by insinuating that Mr. Khan, who holds a law degree from Harvard University, must have been reading a script written by the DNC. Yikes! As condemnations from the military community and tepid rebukes from mainstream Republicans mount, I am left wondering if this is the candidate’s “I can see Russia from my window” moment.

I can just feel the opposition wheels beginning to turn, but until they do, wouldn’t it be magically delicious if the Republican nominee for president who has built his entire campaign on bigotry and fear of the other is felled by Constitution-thumping brown Muslim immigrants? God–or should I say Allah–you couldn’t write this in a script. What do you think beloved community? Write me and let me know. Spasibo.

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Baldhead Empress, Cheryl McCourtie, has been a magazine editor and writer, and a nonprofit fund-raiser and communications specialist. Raised in Liberia, Malawi and Swaziland, she is avidly interested in women across the globe, in particular and people in general. The Baldhead Empress site is one of affirmation. Cheryl looks forward to sharing her positivity with as many like-minded people as possible. One Love!.
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